July 07, 2014

Masanori Yasuda - Ajisai (Shingo Nakamura Remix) [Otographic]



Masanori Yasuda - Ajisai
Release : 14/07/07
Label: Otographic

1 Masanori Yasuda - Ajisai (Original Mix)
2 Masanori Yasuda - Ajisai (Shingo Nakamura Remix)

Release Info:
Inspired by the rainy season before summer, Masanori Yasuda is back with the new original track “Ajisai”, its name is taken from a Japanese native blue-purpled flower.

Along with the delicate flavor, the original mix gives the relaxed beats and reminds us a scene in a rainy day. In the dusky sound elements, the emotional piano stands out brilliantly against the background. By adding the gentle synths and the dreamy pads, the track leads to create a space of soothing calm.

Shingo Nakamua's remix maximizes the original piano phrases at its highest performance in the track by means of Shingo's quality sound textures, which has already proved at his recent album "Days". After the drop, the bassline switches its sequence wisely then dramatize the perfect climax.

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April 22, 2014

Stendahl & Shingo Nakamura - Tribute (Incl. Gal Abutbul & Mimram, Kazusa Remixes)



Stendahl & Shingo Nakamura - Tribute
Release : 14/04/22
Label: Silk Digital

1 Stendahl & Shingo Nakamura - Tribute (Original Mix)
2 Stendahl & Shingo Nakamura - Tribute (Gal Abutbul & Mimram Remix)
3 Stendahl & Shingo Nakamura - Tribute (Kazusa Remix)

Release Info:
Shingo Nakamura recently presented his "Only Silk 02" compilation on our parent label, including various tracks of his own. One of the most exciting contributions was "Tribute," a collaboration with rising Russian talent Stendahl. We're thrilled to present this track as a full single, including a remix by global trance phenom Gal Abutbul and occasional collaborator Mimram. A Silk veteran and one of Shingo's friends, Kazusa, also provides a wonderful interpretation.

The Original Mix is an uplifting affair from the very start, centering on soothing pads, a mellifluous chord progression, and fluttering arpeggio lines. In the main break, Shingo delivers a soulful, deeply romantic piano instrumental. After a short breakbeat interlude, the main chords re-appear with tremendous emotional resonance.

Gal Abutbul and fellow Israeli talent Mimram have teamed up on an inspired, peak-hour remix. A thunderous groove sets the tone early, as well as a variety of swirling arp lines. In the main break, we are met with the gorgeous piano lines of the original mix, as well as sweeping strings and heavenly vox. Finally, the ethereal soundscape makes way for a roaring drop.

Kazusa's "floating-on-air" rendering rounds out the package. He truly captures the light-hearted essence of the original, as a variety of delicate, beachside melodies soar above a gentle groove.

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March 17, 2014

Shingo Nakamura - The Four / Sapporo (Remixes) [Silk Royal]



Shingo Nakamura - The Four / Sapporo (Remixes)
Release : 14/03/17
Label: Silk Royal

1 Shingo Nakamura - The Four (Sundriver Remix)
2 Shingo Nakamura - Sapporo (Talamanca Remix)

Release Info:
Globally acclaimed talent Shingo Nakamura recently released his "Only Silk 02" compilation on parent label Silk Digital, featuring his original track "The Four". On Silk Royal's latest single, we're thrilled to present a new remix of this cut by Sundriver, another of our imprint's most decorated veterans. He has been writing euphoric, often Balearic-tinged progressive for the better part of a decade and looks forward to an exciting 2014, with several standout remixes arriving in the new few months alone. For the second track in the release, we've invited fellow progressive trance craftsman Talamanca, a first-time contributor to Silk, to remix Shingo's classic "Sapporo". Talamanca, like Sundriver, has enjoyed wonderful radio support in his career on some of the world's leading trance-centered radio shows.

Sundriver's remix of "The Four" asserts itself right out of the gate, with a driving rhythm, while uplifting pads and arps begin to infiltrate the mid-range. By the quarter turn, a symphony of melodic elements has conspired to overpower the listener with a lush and emotive soundscape. Yet, the track highlight does not occur until the break, when we are truly swept away by a light breakbeat, coupled with a mellifluous, Ibiza-influenced guitar riff. The stunning drop to follow features all of the melodic layers in harmonic unison.

Dutch talent Talamanca also starts his remix of "Sapporo" in driving fashion. We are soon met by several of the original's most memorable themes. Talamanca succeeds in making this interpretation his own by contributing numerous new variations on the lead motifs, all of which are truly breath-taking. In the main break, a powerful, trance-influenced lead is introduced, giving his take a bit of extra muscle for the dancefloor.

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March 05, 2014

Shingo Nakamura - Days (Artist Album) [Otographic Music]


Cover Art [CD (通常盤/Standard Edition) & Digital Download ]


Cover Art [CD (初回限定盤/Limited Edition)]

"Days" special website

CD (初回限定盤/Limited Edition) :
CD (通常盤/Standard Edition) :

Shingo Nakamura - Days (Artist Album) 
Release : 2014/03/05(CD) / 2014/03/19 (Digital Download)
Label: Otographic Music
01. Fauna
02. Abyss feat. Masanori Yasuda
03. Depict
04. Travelog feat. Kyohei Akagawa
05. Morning Sun
06. Side Trip
07. Orphic
08. Wonder feat. KaNa
09. 1247 feat. Nhato
10. Days
11. Small Image

Release Info:
Shingo Nakamuraの自身2作目となるアルバム「Days」は「都市の表情」をテーマに­しており、モダンなサウンドスケープに色彩豊かなメロディを融和させることで、人工物­の洗練された美しさと合間に見え隠れする自然の風景の移ろい、そしてその中で生きる人­々の力強さを巧みに表現することに成功している。

各トラックでは柔らかいピアノが繊細なシンセに溶け込みながら奏でられ、グルーヴ感や­音の濃淡を絶妙にコントロールしながらアルバムはクライマックスへと向かって行く。ま­た、Masanori Yasuda、Kyohei Akagawa、KaNa、Nhatoといった日本人アーティストとも積極的にコラボ­レーションし、これまでの自身の枠を押し広げたサウンドを作り出した。ダンスフロアで­機能する音楽でありながらもうっとりとするような深い感動を聴き手に与える、プログレ­ッシヴハウスに対する独自の解釈を見事に提示した一作を是非体感して欲しい。

Shingo Nakamura's new album "Days" is essentially an "expression of the city," as expressed by Nakamura. By composing soothing melodies that are rich in color with modern soundscapes, he paints natural landscapes that change between the refined beauty of the city and expressing the strength of people living in it.

Soft pianos are complimented with delicate synths in this album, which builds up towards the climax, while maintaining exquisite control with the light and shade of the sounds chosen within the groove of each track. In addition, Japanese artists such as Masanori Yasuda, Kyohei Akagawa, KaNa, and Nhato, are also active collaborators on this project - wherein Nakamura says that he has created a sound that has pushed the boundaries of these producers' own styles so far. 

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February 25, 2014

Shingo Nakamura - Only Silk 02 [Silk Digital]


(includes *mixed* versions of all 14 tracks)

Shingo Nakamura - Only Silk 02
Release : 14/02/25
Label: Silk Digital

1 Shingo Nakamura - Only Silk 02 (Continuous DJ Mix)
2 Toby Hedges - Images (Dan Sieg 'Dark Images' Remix)
3 Asten - Ancient Future (Original Mix)
4 SNR & Rikkaz feat. Jan Johnston - Beautiful Change (Arthur Deep Vocal Remix)
5 Mango - Citylanes Airplanes (KIWAMU vs. Tokyo Bay Cruise Remix)
6 Lessov - Bleyban (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
7 Stendahl & Shingo Nakamura - Tribute (Original Mix)
8 Nigel Good feat. Sarah Clark - This Is You (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)
9 Mango feat. Richard J Aarden - Pillow Fights (Stendahl Remix)
10 Shingo Nakamura - The Four (Original Mix)
11 LTN & Apsara - Fly Me Home (Matt Fax Remix)
12 Gal Abutbul feat. Sivan - Siderea (Original Mix)
13 Shingo Nakamura - Sapporo (Talamanca Remix)
14 Outlook - Dynjandi (Original Mix)
15 Puremusic - Sunray Kiss (Original Mix)

Release Info:
It is our great joy to present Shingo Nakamura's "Only Silk 02", the second edition in the annual compilation series, inspired by the acclaimed Frisky Radio show of the same name. A continuous mix of fourteen progressive and deep house cuts, written by a variety of celebrated international artists, "Only Silk 02" showcases the "classic" progressive house style of Silk Digital, as well as the signature deep house vibe of affiliate division Silk Textures.

Japanese sensation Shingo Nakamura is one of progressive's most beloved talents and an artist who has contributed more tracks to Silk over the last 6 years than any other. With an artist album and countless top-charting singles to his name, not to mention consistent radio support by many of the world's leading house, progressive, and trance DJ's over the last few years, Shingo continues to find inspiration as an artist, never failing to captivate audiences with his exceedingly emotive and visionary compositions. Leading, as usual, by example, Shingo features three brand new cuts of his own on Only Silk 02, as well as a previously unreleased remix by Talamanca of one of his most famous compositions, "Sapporo". Inspiring new productions by Arthur Deep, Dan Sieg (of Dan & Sam), Gal Abutbul, Outlook, Asten & Stendahl also grace this year's edition.

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