September 28, 2015

Silk Royal Showcase 05 (Mixed by Jacob Henry & Tom Fall) [Silk Royal]




Silk Royal Showcase 05 (Mixed by Jacob Henry & Tom Fall)
Release : 15/09/28
Label: Silk Royal

Jacob Henry Mix (Part One)
01 Gregory Esayan - Coastal Glow
02 Glaue - She
03 SNR - Limbo (Deep Mix)
04 Blugazer feat. The Cynic Project - Feel Me Wondering
05 Dan Sieg - Gloom (Jallen Remix)
06 Meeke - Upward Spiral
07 Sundriver - Chase The Light
08 LTN - Haven Place (Mrmilkcarton Remix)
09 Jacqueline - My Paradise
10 Vintage & Morelli - Dark Room, Happy Thoughts
11 Chomi feat. Elly - She Is (Eskai Remix)
12 Sam Davies - Sunbound
13 eleven.five - Thank You
14 Puremusic - Dreams

Tom Fall Mix (Part Two)
01 Sam Davies - Unwind
02 Nigel Good - Nothing Out Here (Silence Groove Remix)
03 SNR - Umami
04 Talamanca - A Day At The Beach
05 Vintage & Morelli - Daydream (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
06 Miroslav Vrlik - Rhythm Of The Guitar
07 Justin Oh feat. Jennifer Yun - We Chase The Sun (Talamanca Remix)
08 B.Exp & Lukas Solcani - Believe In Me
09 Fon.Leman - Cross Roads
10 Kris Maydak - Wind Of Change
11 Terry Da Libra - Onirikon
12 19 Hz - Round & Round (David Broaders Remix)
13 Eskai - Wonersh
14 Tom Fall & Something Good - Reflections (APD & Kris Maydak Remix)
15 David Broaders pres. Vidda Deborras - First Of Autumn
16 Bianco Soleil - Across The World (iTunes Bonus Track)
17 Almer - Deep Blue (iTunes Bonus Track)

Silk Music is thrilled to present Silk Royal Showcase 05, the fifth installment of the annual series, once again mixed by Jacob Henry and Tom Fall. The compilation is inspired by our weekly radio show of the same name, which is co-hosted by Jacob and Tom, as well as Johan Vilborg, Jayeson Andel, Vintage & Morelli, & Terry Da Libra. Reaching international listeners on Proton Radio, Digitally Imported, Pure.FM, Tenzi.FM, Dance Paradise, and other radio platforms, Silk Royal Showcase recently reached its 300th episode ( and now often ranks amongst the Top 100 Music Podcasts in the USA on iTunes.

Carefully selected to represent the sound of Silk Royal Showcase radio, the songs included in the compilation range from the more pensive and melancholic shades of progressive to the more club-oriented, peak-hour material we tend to play at the end of our radio show mixes and live sets. Many of the artists are seasoned veterans of the SRS compilation series; there are also numerous first-time contributors to this year's compilation, many of whom have asserted themselves as leading talents in trance & progressive in just the past year. Silk Music is truly privileged to receive radio support from the industry elite, including: Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Cosmic Gate, Myon & Shane 54, BT, Chicane, Kyau & Albert, Super8 & Tab, Max Graham, Solarstone, Boom Jinx, Jaytech, Ruben de Ronde, and Aruna. We look forward to releasing intelligent and emotional dancefloor-oriented music for years to come.

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August 04, 2015

Derek Howell - One Way (Shingo Nakamura Remix) [Proton Music]



Derek Howell - One Way (Shingo Nakamura, Silinder Remixes)
Release : 15/08/04
Label: Proton Music

1 Derek Howell - One Way (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
2 Derek Howell - One Way (Silinder Remix)

Release Info:
Fresh from a quartet of remixes on Particles in Spring 2015, Derek Howell and his 2014 "Interstellar Homecoming" EP has been well represented through work from the likes of East Café and Michael A. Now receiving a receiving a well-deserved remix EP on Proton Music, Irish and Japanese legends provide reworks of rare quality.

Irish producer Gavin Mulhall has been making waves in the underground dance scene for over a decade through his Silinder production nom de plume. A rare combination of skill, craft and musical soothsaying has seen his work constantly at the vanguard of the modern scene. Heavily supported by James Zabiela in his early career, Silinder has gone on to see the DJ glitterati continually support productions. As such, Silinder can justifiably call Charlie May, Meat Katie and Hernan Cattaneo fans of his music with a runners-up spot on the Guy J "Azimuth" remix competition among his accolades.

Over a double century of credits have found themselves united with some of the finest modern labels since 2006's debut for Baroque as Stripped, Perspectives Digital and Sudbeat have all found a home for the Silinder sound. A quarter-century of those credits has featured on Proton Music including 2012's "Corrupt", 2013's "Solas" and 2014's "Basement" EPs nestling alongside remixes of Biologik, Lank and Oliver Lieb. Now returning with an elegantly crafted remix of Derek Howell, Silinder's rework takes "One Way" in a carefully constructed and intricately woven percussive path that teases in elements from Howell's original as they gradually evolve into fully-blown house infused triumph. Combined with vocal cuts from the original and Silinder's own production talent, the result is a summer delight.

Ibaraki born, Sapporo based producer and DJ, Shingo Nakamura, has been a major force in the Progressive House and Trance arenas since his first work for Silk Digital went on to see him become a constant and regular contributor to their catalogues, including 2011's full-length "Sapporo" album. Indeed, a recent rework of his 2009 hit "Alice in Wonderland" for Silk Digital has been a part of the 100th single celebration for the label and his unstinting work for the "Only Silk" compilation series saw a third instalment in Jun 2015. Also a regular on the Japanese, Otographic Music imprint, 2014's "Days" provided another album of unimpeachable quality as Silk Royal, Intricate and Anjunadeep have also all played host to Nakamura's talents in a career always on the rise.

A regular on both the Particles and Proton Music labels since 2009's remix of Mango for the latter, Shingo Nakamura has continued to evolve through his remixes including Andre Sobota and Kobana. Now returning to either label for the first time in two years, Nakamura's remix of "One Way" is an intricately sculpted work of shimmering beauty. Full of emotion, a warm, pulsating bass line provides the perfect anchor for a stream of original melodic elements to flow effortlessly across a platform of sultry house groove. Nakamura's background in classical piano rises to the fore in the breakdown before vocal cuts from Howell's original are used to stunning effect in the second half.

Two new remixes of Derek Howell from Silinder and Shingo Nakamura ensured the only way is up for Derek Howell and "One Way".

Directed by Jay Epoch
AandR by James Warren
Mastered by Cid Inc.
Design by Ben Mautner
Text by James Warren

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June 30, 2015

Shingo Nakamura - Alice In Wonderland (2015 Rework) [Silk Didigal]



Silk Digital Classics - Reworked Pt. II (100th Single Celebration)
Release : 15/06/30
Label: Silk Digital

1 Mango & Jozhy K feat. Angel - Will You Stay (Original Mix)
2 Shingo Nakamura - Alice In Wonderland (2015 Rework)
3 Kobana - Play (2015 Rework)
4 Monojoke - And Always Sunshine On Your Face (2015 Rework)

Release Info:
In January 2008, Silk Digital released its very first single, M.A.Z.7's "Summer Day", featuring a collaborative remix by label inspirations Mango and Arthur Deep. Nearly 8 years later, we're overjoyed to present the first of a two-part offering, in celebration of Silk Digital's 100th single release. To honor the occasion, we've invited several label veterans, with whom we have had the honor of working for the better part of a decade, to rework several of their classics.

Mango, the celebrated Russian musician who laid the groundwork for the definitive melodic progressive house sound of our imprint, contributes the unforgettable "Will You Stay", featuring Ukrainian duo Jozhy K and Angel. Technically not a rework, since the original version was never released, this inspiring cut nonetheless features Mango's signature sound: ethereal chords, soaring above a gentle progressive house groove. Meanwhile, Angel's plaintive vocal hooks strike a poignant chord in the listener, including the titular refrain, "Will you stay, beside me, in the darkness?"

Next up, the one and only Shingo Nakamura, fresh off his "Only Silk 03" compilation, offers a fresh take on his classic, "Alice In Wonderland"; the original version just happened to be his first ever contribution to Silk Music, back in May 2009. The 'Rework' begins with a peak-hour groove and a lush atmosphere; at the quarter turn, a layered bassline cuts through the mix with ferocious intensity; meanwhile, dancing piano lines herald the glorious main theme in the breakdown. The enormous drop, following the break, showcases Shingo's refined DJ sensibility.

Another legendary talent, Kobana, is also fresh off a release on our label collective: his deep take on Dan Sieg's "Gloom", featured recently on our Arrival division. The Polish veteran has played an integral part in defining the sound of Silk's "deeper" side over the years, and from that spirit, his modern 'Rework' of "Play" draws strong inspiration. In the early going, a chilled groove is punctuated by a variety of ominous jazzy effects, including subtle echoes of the original theme. The noir-influenced soundscape continues to crescendo toward the main break, where the incisive main piano theme is finally revealed.

Rounding out the release, another Polish talent, Monojoke, presents a fresh interpretation of his 2008 classic, "And Always Sunshine On Your Face". Having the distinction of being the first Silk artist to receive support on "Trance Around The World", Monojoke's consistent contributions to Silk over the years have included a variety of outside-the-box electronic masterpieces. His 'Rework', as to be expected, features an innovative groove, enhanced by numerous, outer-worldly atmospheric effects. As the track progresses, the bass gets chunkier, and the main theme takes on a cosmic flavor, offering the perfect soundtrack to a celestial voyage.

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June 02, 2015

Only Silk 03 (Mixed by Shingo Nakamura & Max Flyant) [Silk Digital]


11295559_10153268501245549_8831036334168082357_n (1)

Only Silk 03 (Mixed by Shingo Nakamura & Max Flyant) 
Release : 15/06/02
Label: Silk Digital

Max Flyant Deep Mix (Part One):
01 Anthony Mea - True 
02 Brezza & JP DJ - Smashing 
03 Dan Sieg - Gloom (Kobana Remix)
04 LTN & Kokai feat. Arielle Maren - Just Believe 
05 Dezza - Meekix (LTN Remix)
06 Lian July feat. Eli - Surrender (Cloudive Remix)
07 Brezza & JP DJ - Light 
08 Pavel Denisov - Misterium 
09 RNX vs. Paul Moelands - Whatever 
10 Shai T - Catalunia 
11 Clameres - Low Sun 
12 Universal Solution - Pressure Point

Shingo Nakamura Progressive Mix (Part Two):
01 Lessov - Oppalarum 
02 Universal Solution - Sunburst 
03 Anthony Mea - Far Away 
04 Nigel Good - Nothing Out Here (Embliss Remix)
05 Sound Quelle - Allarg 
06 Mizar B - Magellanic Clouds
07 Stendahl & Shingo Nakamura - Tribute, Chapter II 
08 Jayeson Andel & Skyknock - Cruising Altitude
09 Matt Rowan - Resolution 
10 Schodt - Angel No. 8 (Jallen Remix)
11 LTN & Roni Joni - In Between (Sound Quelle Remix)
12 Johan Vilborg - Second Wind (Dezza Remix)
13 Universal Solution - Luquan 
14 Shingo Nakamura - Hakodate (SineRider Remix)

* Gregory Esayan feat. Ai Takekawa - Once More (Meeke Remix) [iTunes Bonus Track]

It is our great joy to present Shingo Nakamura & Max Flyant's "Only Silk 03", the third edition in the annual compilation series, inspired by the acclaimed Frisky Radio show of the same name. A two-part compilation of 26 progressive house, trance, deep house and chillout cuts, written by a variety of celebrated international artists, "Only Silk 03" showcases the "classic" progressive style of Silk Digital on Shingo Nakamura's mix, as well as the signature deep house vibe of affiliate division Silk Textures on Max Flyant's opening mix. Silk Digital and Silk Textures label manager, as well as "Only Silk" radio show co-host, Max Flyant is thrilled to join Shingo as co-presenter of this year's compilation for the first time.

Japanese sensation Shingo Nakamura is one of progressive's most beloved talents and has contributed more tracks to Silk in our label's history than any other artist. With several artists albums, countless top-charting singles, and international DJ events to his name, not to mention consistent radio support by many of the world's leading house, progressive, and trance DJ's over the last few years, Shingo continues to find inspiration as an artist, never failing to captivate audiences with his exceedingly emotive and visionary compositions. Leading, as usual, by example, Shingo features a brand new track of his own on Only Silk 03, "Tribute, Chapter II", as well as a previously unreleased remix by SineRider of one of his most famous compositions, "Hakodate". Inspiring new productions by label veterans LTN, Kobana, Embliss, Dezza, Sound Quelle, Jayeson Andel, RNX, Lessov, Clameres, Cloudive, Mizar B, Anthony Mea, Pavel Denisov and Brezza & JP DJ also grace this year's edition, as well as the debut Silk contributions by renowned talents Matt Rowan, Universal Solution, Jallen, and more. 

▼ Credits:
A&R: Max Flyant, Shingo Nakamura, Jacob Henry, Eliran Mukdasi, Gorm Sørensen
Cover Design: Mike Alexeev
Mastering: Aeron Aether
Video Edition: Wachterberg (
Video Directors: Daomay (, Team Nine (, Alexander Chernavin (
Special Thanks: Laurent Sadeg, Roman Morozov, Jon Davidescu, Chad Phillips, Tripp van Baronner, Marius Jensen and Jason Wohlstadter. 

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February 24, 2015

Shingo Nakamura - Days (Remixed) [Otographic]



Shingo Nakamura - Days (Remixed)
Release : 15/02/24
Label: Otographic Music

1 Small Image (Shingo Nakamura Club Mix)
2 Abyss feat. Masanori Yasuda (KaNa Remix)
3 Abyss feat. Masanori Yasuda (Oluca Remix)
4 Fauna (Masanori Yasuda Remix)
5 Orphic (Kyohei Akagawa Remix)
6 Days (Nhato Remix)
7 Morning Sun (Hiroyuki ODA Remix)
8 Small Image (Masanori Yasuda Collaged Remix)

Release Info:
One of the Otographic's key titles in 2014 which has shown the beauty of pure melodic progressive house, Shingo Nakamura's "Days" artist album now sees a diversity of remixes that adds a new taste to the original soundscapes.

This remix package includes 7 remixes from forward-thinking producers in Otographic family, such as Hiroyuki ODA, Nhato, Kyohei Akagawa, KaNa, Masanori Yasuda, and a promising newcomer Oluca. Each remix is stuffed full of their own unique and special approaches, that maximize the potential of elegant melodies in the original tracks. Also, Shingo Nakamura made a rework of "Small Image", which reprises original's atmospheric synth textures with deep house arranging.

2014年3月に発売しBeatportのTranceリリースチャートで1位を獲得したほか、Jaytech、Solarstone、BT等の海外DJにもサポートされたShingo Nakamuraのアルバム「Days」のリミックス盤「Days (Remixed)」が完成。リミキサーにはOtographic Music所属のHiroyuki ODA、Nhato、Kyohei Akagawa、KaNa、Masanori Yasuda、Olucaが参加し、原曲のエッセンスに各アーティストの個性豊かなサウンドが加わり新たな楽曲として再構築されている。また、Shingo Nakamura本人による「Small Image」のセルフリミックスも収録。

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