April 10, 2012

Silk Royal Showcase 02 (Mixed by Jacob Henry & Tom Fall) [Silk Royal]



Silk Royal Showcase 02 :: Official Album Teaser

Silk Royal Showcase 02
Release Date: 12/04/10
Label: Silk Royal Records

Official Tracklisting:

Jacob Henry Mix (Part One) 
1) Jacob Henry - Hopeful Romantic 
2) Sergey Alekseev - Sunset On The Sea 
3) Shingo Nakamura - Memory Of The Sea (2011 Mix) 
4) Ad Brown - Why Do We Try 
5) Ali Mahmud - Wishful Thinking 
6) Louder Dale - Halo (Matao Remix) 
7) Schodt feat. Aida Fenhel - White Tiger (Matt Lange 2012 Re-Master) 
8) Espen - From Floppy 
9) Alexander Byrka & Bianco Soleil - She Doesn't Know 
10) Nigel Good - Civilization 
11) Airdraw - Juno 
12) Sergey Tkachev - Mi Ta 
13) Terry Da Libra - Dynamis

Tom Fall Mix (Part Two)

1) eleven.five - Crispy 
2) Jacob Henry - Cloak & Dagger (Dave Cortex Remix) 
3) Soundprank - Burner (Nigel Good Remix) 
4) Gregroy Esayan & Losing Rays - Cold Breath 
5) 19 Hz - Round & Round 
6) Rainbow Addict - Perfect Morning 
7) Johan Vilborg - Warmer Days 
8) Jacob Henry & Coastal - Serengeti (Original Mix) 
9) Airdraw - Release 
10) Gregory Esayan - When You Love 
11) Peter Illias - 7 Days 
12) Shingo Nakamura & Kazusa - Move On (Sundriver Remix)

Release Info:
Silk Music is delighted to present Silk Royal Showcase 02, the second instalment of the annual series, once again mixed by label manager Jacob Henry and standout artist Tom Fall. The compilation is inspired by our weekly house and progressive label radio show of the same name, which is co-hosted by Jacob and Tom, as well as veteran label talents Ad Brown and Zack Roth. Reaching international listeners on Proton Radio, Digitally Imported, Pure.FM, and other radio platforms, as well as through iTunes (now over 13,000 downloads a month), Silk Royal Showcase is quickly approaching its 150th episode and now boasts a new and improved homepage (www.silkroyalshowcase.com).

Carefully selected to represent the sound of Silk Royal Showcase radio, the songs included in the compilation range from the more pensive and melancholic shades of progressive house to the more club-oriented, peak-hour material we tend to play at the end of our radio show mixes and live sets. Many of the artists, such as Sundriver, Shingo Nakamura, Schodt, Matt Lange, Soundprank, Terry Da Libra, Dave Cortex, and Rainbow Addict, also appeared on last year's SRS 01 compilation; other contributors to this year's edition will be equally recognizable as artists who have appeared on numerous Silk releases over the past few years (Ad Brown, Nigel Good, Airdraw, Peter Illias, and Matao, to name a few).

With regular radio support from many leading international progressive and trance artists, Silk Royal is inspired to release intelligent and emotional dancefloor-oriented music for years to come.

Credits: A&R :: Jacob Henry 
Cover Photo :: Nirlipto Apu 
Cover Design :: Mike Alekseev 
Video Director: Juan Cruz Gonzalez 
Special Thanks: Max Flyant, Alex Golovanov, Gorm Sorensen, Anthony Vorobiov, Aeron Aether, & Jason Wohlstadter

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