April 15, 2010

Shingo Nakamura - Sweep Loop Shower (Original Mix) [Particles]



Various Artists - Spring Particles 2010
Release Date: 10/04/15
Label: Particles

1 Jozhy K - Heaven Apartments Room Number 1
2 Midav - Amore
3 Audioflakes - Memories
4 Mayson - Atmosphere
5 Aleksey Beloozerov - Night Call
6 Ben Coda, Maxi Valvona - Noir
7 Pacco & Rudy B - Tiamat
8 Monojoke - It Feels Good
9 Baltic Sound - Glimmer (His Boy Elroy Remix)
10 Shingo Nakamura - Sweep Loop Shower

Release Info:
The latest installment of Jay Epoch& 039;s quarterly Particles compilation has arrived., , Our Spring Particles 2010 sampler includes 10 exclusive, previously unreleased tracks from Particles artists old and new. Per usual, genres on this edition range run the full Particles gamut: from progressive house & breaks to deep house & techno. , , Release credits.


Flash Brothers (Agnosia)
Ben Coda & Maxi Vivona "Noir" for us

Markus Schulz (Coldharbour Recordings)
nice tracks

Eelke Kleijn (Outside the Box Music)
shingo 4 me!

Max Graham (Loads)
Will let you know, need to listen offline

Matt Rowan (Proton/Baroque)
Love the Pacco & rudy B and shingo nakamura tracks.

Jerome Isma-ae
like "Glimmer"

Nick Warren (Hope Recordings, Way Out West)
good package

Solarity (Anjunadeep, Urbantorque)
Feeling Noir and Amore. Will try these out. Thanks!

Steven Caicedo (Ready Mix Records, Proton)
Great comp guys! Really diggin Mayson's Atmosphere, and Jozhy K's Heaven Apartments

Abdomen Burst (Solaris, Proton, Lost Language)
great compilation..loving all

Niko Fantin (Frisky, Proton, Balkan, Mashtronic, etc)
Noir for me

Artette (Etoka Records)
Love this compilation, most of the tracks are truly incredible!!! 10/10

Max Demand (Tilth, Proton, Moonbeam) (Max Demand)
Aleksey Beloozerov, Ben Coda&Maxi Valvona for me! Thank You

Great package guys, Jozy K, Midav: Full Support on these ones

Chloe Harris (Further, Mashtronic)
amore , memories, atmosphere. lots of great stuff here

Aeron Aether (Proton, Particles, Silk)
Jozhy K & Monojoke for me!

Arthur Deep (Proton Music)
downloading :) thanks!!

Cassino & Laben (Proton, Alchemy)
Full of great tracks!!!! thanks

Ad Brown // Maxi Valvona
Downloading the whole package - will definately play a couple @ Pacha next week. Solid

Evren Ulusoy (Proton,Readymix,Outside The Box Music,Nightdrive)
First, Thanks to Renee for this nice compilation. I know there's many effort on this one... Maxi, Monojoke,Aleksey are my picks.Can't wait for summer edition. Cheers.

Exoplanet (Particles, Alter Image, Silk)
So many great tracks! Very good comp. One thing I feel I have to complain about though: who forgot to master the Audioflakes track? It's so lovely, it really deserves a better mix and/or mastering. Maybe it's a mistake and this is the unmastered version? It obviously contrasts with the other tracks, in perceived loudness and wamth.

Paul Trelles (Brown Eyed Boyz - In Deep Rec)
wow lot of good stuff here :) thanks

Nicholas Van Orton (Balkan Connection South America)
great tracks! Pacco & Rudy B is my fav

Mango (Mango Alley)
jozhy k, midav and shingo nakamura are my picks here! thnx!

Shingo's tune is so great! I like it!

Taho (Ovum,Delsin,Fcom)
Glimmer sounds like a classic! Great compilation as usual :D

Spesh (Lo���q Records, Qo���l)
very impressive group of tracks.

Pacco & Rudy B (Proton, Monad, B:Co)
Great compilation, our fav.: Aleksey Beloozerov - Night Call, Ben Coda/Maxi Valvona - Noir, Midav - Amore!

Biologik (Particles, Proton Ltd, Ascension)
i love these seasonal particle compilations. a lot of great tracks in this one. if i had to pick one it'd be Amore, but there are a lot of other great tracks too!

Embliss (Armada/Proton)
Love it!! Midav, Audioflakes, Mayson, Aleksey, Monojoke... great job

Yura Popov (carica records)
my picks Mayson, Pacco & Rudy B & Monojoke ,great sampler

Luke Shipstad (Shipstad & Warren)
Wow, once again an amazing compilation. Favorties list incl. Amore, Atmosphere, Night Call, It Feels Good (one of my fav. Breaks tunes of the whole year). All are pretty damn great overall. Something however that I want to express is the mastering on Shingo's track...Seemed to be pretty muffed and I think totally ruined the track IMHO. Other than that one, amazing job!

Nick Stoynoff (Proton,Baroque,Key,Silk)
This entire release is brilliant! Really enjoying Shingo's track, Ben & Maxi's, Midav, and Aleksey's track..really top notch stuff, full support!

Airillusions (Silk Sofa Music)
Aleksey Beloozerov's track is pure bliss!! Also really like the tracks from Monojoke and Shingo as well as the remix from HBE.

East Sunrise (Spring Tube/Proton Radio/Particles)
Enjoy all tracks but Jozhy K & Aleksey Beloozerov is my fav. Thanks

Ilya Malyuev; Baltic Sound
Loving the harmonies in Jozhy's track, and really love the flow and the groove of Midav - Amore!

Jaksa Pavicevic (A Must Have / Particles / Behaviors)
nice one guys.. Pacco & Rudy B, and Ben Coda & Maxi Valvona tracks are my favs..

Sezer Uysal (Baroque Records)
Ben & Maxi, Shingo and Alexey ! will support !

good compilation.

Daniel Mehes
I have two favourites wich is really inspiring for me... these are the "Midav-Amore" I like the deep bass sounds here, and the other is a beautiful break: Monojoke - It feels gooooooooood! :)

Vinayak A (LO KIk)
this collection is very cool....ben coda & pacco rudy b for me......congrats :-)

Nick Robson
really nice vibes as always

Chris Gray (Groove Collection, Particles, Polytechnic recordings)
Great compilation, lots of favourites on here.

Stefan Bauer (progressive-world.at)
some nice tracks on there! my favourites are the midav and ben codas tracks!

Max Flyant (Silk)
Outstanding package! Lots of catchy tunes here. Full support!

Nice compilation again! Midav, Audioflakes, Alexey Beloozerov, Paco & Rudy B, Baltic Sound, Shingo Nakamura are very good. My favs are Ben Coda, Maxi Valvona & Monojoke! Great choons. Thanks!

Invisible Sounds/Domestic Technology
Great atmospheric sampler! will support in my radio show

miguel arrieta
Another great comp again, really deep and atmospheric tracks Full support to Ben Coda, Maxi Valvona "Noir" and Shingo Nakamura "Sweep Loop" !!!!

Jacob Henry
Top stuff throughout, but especially love the Coda/Valvona collaboration, as well as the closer by Shingo.

Martynas M
Johny K is the man! Great release!

Danny Lloyd (Particles/Proton/Drops/Liquid)
Very groove and atmosphere! Great Tracks! thanx!

Mayson (Particles, Rezon Records)
Wow! Nice compilation! :) thanks! Really pleased to be a part of Spring Particles 2010! :)

Russian Linesman
like the jozhy k song.

Oleg Izergin
"Midav - Amore" - great sound!!!

so many flavors, great sampler

Ben Coda (baroque, danceradio global)
Really pleased to be a part of such a great compilation - feeling all the tracks!!!

Slang (Spring Tube / Deep Blue Eyes / Digital Sensation UK | Proton Radio / DI FM/ AH FM / Pure FM / Dance Radio Global)
Great sampler! My favs are tracks from Pacco & Rudy B, Aleksey Beloozerov and Midav - gorgeous works - will play and chart them. Also like tunes by Monojoke, Audioflakes and Shingo Nakamura. Thanks for this cool selection ;)

PureJasik (http://progressivehouseworldwide.com/)
A real quality package here. Ben Coda & Shingo Nakamura is the highlights for me! Thanks!

!!! nice

Silinder (Kindred/Particles/Sudbeat)
good stuff as ever, really like the Midav track :)

shingonakamura at 00:00│ twitterでつぶやくReleace