March 16, 2016

Talamanca & South Pole Ft. Alicia Kapel - In The City (Shingo Nakamura Remix) [Elliptical Sun Melodies]


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Talamanca & South Pole Ft. Alicia Kapel - In The City
Release : 16/03/16
Label: Elliptical Sun Melodies

1 Talamanca & South Pole Ft. Alicia Kapel - In The City (Original Mix)
2 Talamanca & South Pole Ft. Alicia Kapel - In The City (Dub Mix)
3 Talamanca & South Pole Ft. Alicia Kapel - In The City (Vintage & Morelli Remix)
4 Talamanca & South Pole Ft. Alicia Kapel - In The City (Shingo Nakamura Remix) 

Release Info:
For almost four years now we at ESM have been striving to bring you all some of the most memorable progressive based music we can find. Having worked with a vast number of amazing talents stretching the globe far and wide, we have had the honor of showcasing music from a number of artists that are undeniably iconic in both name and sound. So it is with great honor that we here at ESM bring you our 200th release, which comes from the collaborative efforts of some of ESM’s most prided veterans – Talamanca & South Pole. Combining their amazing talents with the beautiful and talented Alicia Kapel, whose vocals are absolutely incredible and compliment this release and all its various styles impeccably. Speaking of styles, as well as iconic talent, we are incredibly honored to welcome progressive house legend Shingo Nakamura, as well as rising progressive sensation Vintage & Morelli, who both make their debut to the label with some truly breath taking remixes that help set a perfect tone for this 200th release, making this milestone one we shall never forget for years to come. To all the amazing fans, followers and supporters who have been there with us along the way, thank you, as this moment was truly made possible by the support you show us and the massive talents that work with us along the way…here’s to 200 more!

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February 24, 2016

J-LOW & Aurtas - CLUB@NICO25 Theme Song (Shingo Nakamura Remix) [CLUB@NICO25]



J-LOW & Aurtas - CLUB@NICO25 Theme Song (Shingo Nakamura Remix
Release : 16/02/24
Label : CLUB@NICO25

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February 06, 2016

2016/2/6 (Sat) The Church Of Trance @ solfa (Tokyo)



2016/2/6 (Sat) The Church Of Trance @ solfa (Tokyo)

2/6/2016 (Sat.)
From 11:00 p.m.
2,500 yen (DOOR) / 2,000 yen (GUEST LIST)

Featured Guest:
Talla 2XLC [Technoclub, Tetsuo]

Spotlight DJs (alphabetical order):
Kenji Sekiguchi [Otographic Music]
Shingo Nakamura [Otographic Music, Silk Music]

Supporting DJs (alphabetical order):
AJ [Ligaya, The Church of Trance]
Naz [UK / Trance Sanctuary]
Яinaly [TCPT]
Sashi Bezawada [India / Hyderabadass]
Taka Sugimoto [OSG]
TEI [The Church of Trance]
The Skips [VANITY]

Satoshi [M.U.//Mikudarihan Uppercut]
Hiromi [M.U.//Mikudarihan Uppercut, The Church of Trance]

Live Painter:
Tako Yamamoto


Talla 2XLC [Technoclub, Tetsuo]
フランクフルト出身のAndreas Tomalla (a.k.a. Talla 2XLC)はヨーロッパダンスミュージックの黎明期とも言える1970年台からDJとしてのキャリアをスタートしており、1980年代には更なるテクノミュージックをドイツシーンにもたらすべく、テクノレーベル"Techno Drome International"や後にフェスティバルへと発展していく"Sound Of Frankfurt"を提唱。WestbamやSven Vath達と共にビッグDJと称された彼の活動は後のジャーマンテクノムーブメントへと発展していった。
また、Paul Van DykをはじめTaucherやOliver Liebといった後にトランスと呼ばれる音楽に次第に惹かれていったTalla 2XLCは90年代後半からトランスDJ / プロモーターとしての活動をスタートしており、ジャーマントランスに端を発したトランスムーブメントは後の世界中に広がっていく事となった。
自身もトランスDJ アーティストとして50タイトルを越えるMix CDやコンピレーション、多数のアーティストアルバム、ヒットシングルを手掛けており、近年ではRandy Katanaの大ヒットトラックのカバーである "In Silence"やJorn Van Deynhovenとのコラボレーション "Terra Australis", RAMとの合作"Until the End"といったオリジナルやArmin Van Buuren "Eiforya"やFerry Corsten "Festival Crash"のRemixがトップセールスを記録するなど高い人気を誇っている。

Andreas Tomalla (a.k.a Talla 2XLC) from Frankfurt started his career at the dawn of Europe's dance music revolution in the 1970s, becoming a key player in Germany's techno explosion via the "Techno Drome International" label and "Sound of Frankfurt" festival. As one of the first truly big DJs, alongside legends like Westbam and Sven Vath, Talla helped direct the great German techno movement from the forefront.

As time went on, Talla became attracted to the burgeoning music form that would later be known as trance, in step with Paul van Dyk, Taucher, and Oliver Lieb. From the latter half of the 90s, he shifted gears to work as a trance DJ and promoter—the German trance revolution going on to take the entire globe by storm.

Talla's trance catalogue is massive, spanning over 50 mixed CDs/compilations, multiple artist albums, and a slew of hit singles. In recent years, he has released an update of Randy Katana's mega-classic "In Silence," worked with Jorn van Deynhoven to bring us "Terra Australis," and with RAM in "Until the End." His blitzing 140 BPM rework of Armin's "Eiforya" and fierce take on Ferry's "Festival Crash" have also acquired top sales, attesting to this super DJ's superiority.

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